Code of Conduct

Ethical Business behaviour, adhering to a Code of Conduct - in every sphere and with all constituents - has been the bedrock on which the Tatas have built and operates its enterprises. The management of business ethics is an integral part of the overall excellence initiatives undertaken by the Group. The adoption of a common code of conduct reinforces our commitment to a shared set of ideals, values and beliefs.
As a condition of employment, each officer and employee is expected to comply with this Code of Conduct and will be accountable if he or she fails to do so. Any violation of this code, or any conduct that violates any law, rule, regulation, or ethical or professional norm, is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
Our ethics statement serves as a benchmark by which each of our daily business decisions should be measured and lies at the very core of the Tata way of doing business. "At our company, ethical standards guide our business conduct. We act lawfully and with integrity in our dealings with our customers, business partners, shareholders, and with each other."
The comprehensive Tata Code of Conduct is attached herewith. In case you find any violation of this code from any of our employees, please contact our Chief Ethics Officer (contact details given below) or write to
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